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Primefuels has an experienced and broadly based management team supported by a wide range of technical and market skills. This results in robust organisational capability to ensure successful delivery of logistical solutions for our client base in challenging environments. We have on ground local teams of specialists with significant sector expertise.

Our current and past experience of related work covers the depth and breadth of East Africa. We have particular experience in the energy and defence sector across the complete East/Central Africa region, where clients demand for their service providers to be driven by a focus on client service, culture of continuous improvement, reliability and safety, whilst operating to a stringent safety and operational standard.

Please find below a location map, detailing the proximity of our East African operations from the major port loading facilities. This highlights the convenient distance, which provides assurance to you for ready access to our assets and employees giving tremendous flexibility.

Southern Sector Road & Rail Network

Event Marketing

Exclusive contract to supply Vivo Lubricants to Kibali Gold Mine (Randgold Resources) in Eastern DRC.

We supply staffing, warehousing, dispensing and Vendor Managed Inventory at the mine site.

Business Development and Distributorship agreement with Vivo Lubricants in DRC, South Sudan, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Speciality in house expertise in mining lubricants applications and management.

Since 2012 Primefuels has been operating the aircraft fuel facility at Mtwara airport in Tanzania. Our service is complete and jet A1 fuel is supplied direct to the customer’s aircraft from our own dedicated storage and ground handling facility at the airport. Our plan now is to leverage our expertise and regulatory status to roll out this service to mid-size and remote airports throughout the region, which have traditionally been under serviced by the large players in the aviation fuelling market. Using our portable storage technology we can also set up temporary aviation solution to the customer..