About Primefuels

Why PrimeFuels?

We work with some of Africa’s largest and most successful organisations, providing people, fleets, systems and infrastructure, making Primefuels one of the safest and most efficient logistics companies in East Africa.

Primefuels, is a unique multi-modal logistics company with over 25 years experience, specialised in high-quality logistics and support services in East and Central Africa. We operate from the central hubs of Mombasa, Dar es Salaam and Kampala, with operations employing more than 1,000 people and spanning 9 countries. This strong presence, with team members throughout the region, allows us to deliver comprehensive transportation, distribution and value added services to organisations requiring the movement of bulk, project and container cargoes by road, rail and ferry infrastructures, in some of the toughest locations in Africa.


At Primefuels we are committed to deliver for all our clients

  • Secure end-to-end logistics solutions
  • Reliability and efficiencies with a high service ethos
  • Deep history of experience backed by proven capabilities
  • High quality assets and infrastructure
  • Industry leading systems for real time control

Our History

Primefuels’ entrepreneurial spirit can be traced back to 1994, starting under the leadership of Asif Abdulla.

Commencing operations with 6 IMO tanks, Primefuels provided transportation of fuel on the Kenyan railway network. From these humble beginnings Primefuels expanded it infrastructure and services built on the foundation and reputation for reliability, efficiencies with a high service ethos, to become a trusted logistics partner to African business.

Today the Primefuels business has grown to a fully integrated logistics company servicing 9 countries across the East Africa region. It is one of the largest privately owned African logistics companies employing over 1,000 people and a fleet of 500 trucks.

Primefuels started with the goal to build strong, enduring relationships and not just meet, but exceed clients’ expectations. 25 years on, our goal remains the same.

The TEam

Primefuels has a very deep and broad management team supported by a wide range of technical and market skills.This results in robust organisational capability and capacity to ensure successful delivery of logistical solutions for our client base in a complex environment.

The management of the business combines the experience, knowledge and financial support of the Directors with over twenty years’ continuous experience in transportation. All senior personnel have previous experience in the management and provision of logistics services. Supporting this management team is a committed workforce of specialists with significant sector expertise trained to international standards.

In addition to key personnel, we have over 1,000 dedicated customer facing staff, who represent the bedrock of the business.

Asif Abdulla

Founder and Group CEO

Asif was born in Dar es Salaam and studied and worked for Deloitte and Shell in the UK before starting Primefuels as its sole employee in 1994.

Over the past 25 years Primefuels has been built into a regional transport and logistics business serving East and Central Africa, employing over 1,000 local staff and contractors in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Dubai.

With his significant knowledge of the logistics and bulk fuel transportation sector in East and Central Africa, Asif plays a vital role in charting the strategic vision for the Group’s businesses and is keenly involved in execution of the strategy with the senior management team.

Asif’s focus for the company and its staff, is to offer customers a safe, reliable and competitive integrated regional service. The growth of the business has been organic, and its culture is one of professionalism where managers have delegated authority to operate, deliver and grow the business locally. Financial support and guidance are given to local managers to attract multinational customers who operate in our region with an emphasis on health, safety, security and environmental standards for their operations.

Primefuels is committed to support local employment and training in the communities where we operate as our future is based in East and Central Africa. We are confident that the growth of our Region will attract increasing interest given the youth and vibrancy of our economies and the adoption of technology and global standards.


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