Giving Back

Technology & Innovation

In Vehicle Monitoring System [IVMS] and on-board computer technology is at the heart of the Primefuels monitoring system and brings a new dimension to the way we do business. Tracking is one of the main components of Primefuels’ quality assurance programme. Tracking enables us to view the vehicle’s last received position on the map. All the fleet of trucks in Primefuels are being tracked using telematic software. This provides a real-time view of all assets current positions. The innovative software displays other useful information such as speed, driving directions, ignition status, driving violations and a trail of where the asset has been moving. Tracking enables Primefuels to efficiently and effectively manage the fleet which is also extended for customer access.

Our focus on innovation through technology continues to find new ways to meet our customers’ expectations, with four areas of value:

  • Greater security
  • Reducing costs
  • Automation
  • Data analytics